Unprotected by Miram Grossman

Unprotected is a book Dr. Miriam Grossman. I highly recommend it to everyone. I don’t agree with everything that Dr. Grossman states in the book, but the general tenor of the book cannot be ignored.
Sex has been made political in America. It is wrong to offend anyone except the religious and the fat. The psychological field is filled with left leaning and anti-religion sentiments. In short Political Correctness is causing doctors and counselors to not be able to give total treatment. To be sure, Grossman is more right leaning than I am but this book was a quick, easy read that brings into focus some necessary questions about the field of mental health and the direction it is taking.
In the world of APA the holy mantra is citation of sources and this book is full of them. Books, journals, peer-reviewed articles–they’re all there and most of them can be easily accessed for the lay reader to examine and check for accuracy.
My fear is that too many will dismiss this book because the author is on the right in the political arena. That would not only be unfortunate, it would be a tragedy because at the very least this book should begin a dialogue about how parties are treated, from the most left atheist to the most right fundamental.


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