Jonathan Rogers: The Bark of the Bog Owl

The Bark of the Bog Owl

The Bark of the Bog Owl

The Bark of the Bog Owl
Jonathan Rogers
(book 1 of The Wilderking Trilogy)

It has been said, regarding many different facets of life, that it is the journey that counts, not the destination. This book is certainly one of those times.

In The Bark of the Bog Owl , Jonathan Rogers borrows from the Biblical story of David in 1 Samuel, setting the story in an adventure/fantasy world. Those familiar with the story of David will know in advance where certain parts of the story are going.

For instance, when the wise and well-respected prophet, Bayard (the book’s analogue of Samuel) shows up at the house of Errol (the book’s Jesse) looking for the Wilderking, we know that he’s going to find him to be the youngest of Errol’s sons, a shepherd boy named Aidan.

And when Corenwald (Israel) goes to battle with Pyrth (Philistia), complete with the giant Pyrthen warrior Greidawl (Goliath) issuing the challenge for one Corenwald warrior to fight him, and blaspheming the name of the One True God, we already know Greidawl’s fate (and by whose hand it will come).

But Rogers doesn’t just ape the Scriptures. Were this a direct re-telling of the story, one would classify it as speculative fiction, as Rogers fills in a lot of details on which the Bible is silent. Also to be noted is the fact that the story arc doesn’t always follow the Biblical narrative either. For instance, after Aidan kills Greidawl, the Pyrthens go back on their word, and the battle isn’t over, as they start employing cannons, a battle “technology” that the men of Corenwald have never seen.

This book appears to be targeted at middle-school age kids, and one can definitely see the influence that Rogers has on Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga series. But like Peterson’s books (or C S Lewis’ Narnia books), this novel is in no way limited to its primary target audience.

If you have kids of this age, and want to use them as an excuse to read this book to them, go ahead. I won’t tell. And even if you don’t, I still won’t tell.



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8 responses to “Jonathan Rogers: The Bark of the Bog Owl

  1. Thanks Brendt for the post. I have been looking for a good series of books to read ever since the Harry Potter series and the Lemony Snicket series ended. Maybe this will fill the gaping void in my life for a while…after I finish the other 10 books I am currently reading…

    On another note, I sure hope you will do a review of the Twilight series sometime soon. 🙂

  2. brendt

    Yeah, you hold your breath on that one, Jerry.

  3. oh, come on Brendt, write a review for me…just one Twilight review, please……

  4. Joe

    I’ll do it. I’ve read the first two and I might read the third and fourth one. I enjoyed the first one and the second one was OK. The third one I put down and haven’t picked back up yet.
    I’ve also read Percy Jackson and I am working on Warrior Heir

  5. Joe

    Are you implying there is something wrong with those books?

  6. No. I actually made a deal with one of my co-workers that if she read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings I would read the Twilight series. It’s sitting on my dresser just waiting…

  7. Brendt,

    I just picked up this trilogy at the library on Friday. I’m gonna start reading it right now. I actually remembered that you had written your review while I was holding the book in my hand saying, “Why does this book look so familiar?” Thankfully, your review was in my head.


  8. Joe

    And the beauty of book review sites works wonders! 🙂

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